12.7.1 Bus

In areas of low to medium population, bus-based public transport can offer the most flexible means of providing services both for urban and inter-urban travel and can be introduced within a short time frame and at relatively low cost.  Bus Éireann and a number of private operators operate services throughout County Kilkenny. 

Kenneally’s bus operates a regular city bus service in Waterford city, serving the area north of the bridge, including Ferrybank and Slieverue. 

Kilkenny County Council will co-operate in the development of a high-quality bus-based public transport system in the Waterford MASP area and in the identification of an optimum site for a Park and Ride facility. This will be reviewed in the Waterford Metropolitan Area Transport Strategy, which is currently being drafted in conjunction with the National Transport Authority, Kilkenny County Council and Waterford City and County Council. Kilkenny City Bus Network

In conjunction with the National Transport Authority, a Local Bus Service for Kilkenny City was launched at the end of 2019.  The Kilkenny City Bus Services was referenced by the NDP as an urban centre that would benefit from capital investment in bus services and infrastructure.  The service consists of two routes, KK1 and KK2, operated by City Direct and funded by the National Transport Authority (NTA).  The two routes combined serve 33 stops, feeding into a central spine crossing St. John’s Bridge to the City Centre, sharing stops at Parliament Street, Market Yard and John Street Upper. Bus shelters are provided at key locations.

Both routes have circuitous alignments, designed to broaden their catchment areas including areas of high population density and low car ownership.


​​​​​​​ Regional Bus Services

Kilkenny is well served by a number of regional services providing national and regional connectivity to key urban centres such as Dublin, Cork and Waterford.

As there is no formal transport hub in Kilkenny, most regional services stop at Ormond Road, the Parade/ Kilkenny Castle or MacDonagh Junction.  In addition to the two city bus services, six regional services cross St. John’s Bridge namely the: 817; 890; 891; 73; 600; and 881/2.


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Local Link Rural Transport Programme Strategic Plan 2018 to 2022

Local Link is a service operated by the NTA to provide rural bus services across Ireland, both door-to-door and scheduled services in towns, villages and rural areas. The key priorities of this programme continue to be directed at addressing rural social exclusion and the integration of rural transport services with other public transport services.

Local Link operates in Kilkenny under the local name ‘Ring a Link’.  In addition to a number of scheduled services, some are Demand Responsive and must be booked in advance. These have flexible routes within a defined area to serve dispersed mobility needs, low demand hours and areas of low population. There are approximately 13 routes in operation. Bus  

Kilkenny County Council will facilitate the provision of bus shelters as appropriate. The Council will also facilitate parking provision for tourist buses where feasible in the city and towns and villages and at tourist attractions around the county as the need arises and as resources permit.

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