1.5 Structure of the Plan

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1.5 Structure of the Plan

This Plan comprises two Volumes.  Volume 1 consists of a written statement and accompanying maps and includes the overarching strategies, objectives and Development Management Requirements common to both the City and the County.  Volume 2, Kilkenny City Strategies, consists of City-specific strategies (which apply to the area defined by the City Development Boundary), such as a Core Strategy, Retail Strategy and Heritage Strategy.  In the interest of avoiding duplication and contradiction, Volume 2 should be read in conjunction with Volume 1, and cross references will appear as relevant.  Where the City has particular Objectives, Development Management considerations and requirements these will be set out in Volume 2.  However, if a particular policy/objective is not included in Volume 2, the relevant section of Volume 1 will be applied as appropriate.

The text of the entire Plan Vol1 and Vol 2 is a statement of Council policy.  Each chapter contains objectives and also has Development Management Requirements in relation to specific areas and topics. Objectives are in as far as is possible Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time bound (SMART). The Development Management Requirements will apply to development proposals in addition to the requirements for development set out in Volume 1, Chapter 13 and Vol 2.6 Place-making Strategy for the City. It should be noted that each chapter is not a stand-alone chapter, but should be read in conjunction with all other chapters.

In assessing any development, the overall context will be informed by all relevant sections in the entire Plan, including the Core Strategy, the housing strategy, community, economic, heritage and infrastructure considerations, underpinned by the strategic aims.  Therefore, no one item takes precedence over another, but rather all plan provisions converge, founded as they are on the goal of sustainable development.


1B           To implement the Development Management Requirements for new development as set out in Volume 1 and Volume 2 of the Plan as appropriate. 





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