12.3 Integration of Land Use Planning and Transport

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12.3 Integration of Land Use Planning and Transport

This Plan supports the regional objectives (RPO 151 to RPO 154) as contained in the RSES to guide the integration of land use and transportation planning and to guide local planning objectives.  Combined with a focus on infill development, integrated transport and promoting regeneration and revitalisation of urban areas, pursuing a compact growth policy at national, regional and local level will secure a more sustainable future for our settlements and for our communities[1].  Land use and the manner in which it is developed is the primary influencing factor for travel demand. In this regard the Council is preparing a Local Transport Plan for Kilkenny City (See Volume 2, chapter 5).

Through the Core Strategy provisions have been made to deliver 40 % of the county’s growth up to 2027 within the existing settlements and by promoting compact growth of settlements. This is particularly the case for Kilkenny City which has by far the largest population within the County.

At Local level this will mean:

  • Delivering a high level of permeability through walking, cycling and public transport modes,
  • Complementary traffic management measures to facilitate the use of private car,
  • Prioritising walking, cycling and public transport by maximising the number of people living within walking and cycling distance of their neighbourhood or district centres, public transport services, and other services at the local level such as schools;

Designing permeability for walking and cycling in new development areas and retrospectively implementing walking and cycling facilities into existing neighbourhoods where feasible and practicable,

  • Workplace travel plans will become increasingly important for all major trip generating uses including schools. Travel plans with a strong emphasis on sustainable travel modes will be conditioned as part of planning permissions and be carried out in a manner consistent with published NTA guidance. (See Section 12.5 Workplace Travel Plans.)

Where space or other constraints prevent the full implementation of the provisions of the Design Manual for Roads and Streets, best reasonable efforts in the interests of providing accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists should be used.


[1] NPF page 169

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