13.4.1 Density

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13.4.1 Density

As in the preceding Development Plans it is not intended to prescribe maximum residential density standards. The emphasis will be on providing quality‐housing environments based on innovation and a design led approach. A high standard of architectural design and layout will be required. The Planning Authority will seek to ensure that new developments have individuality and a sense of place, which is generated by the interaction between the physical characteristics and features of the site and its surroundings and the layout, landscaping and design of the new housing.

The appropriate residential density in any particular location will be determined by the following: ‐

i) The extent to which the design and layout follows a coherent design brief resulting in a high-quality residential environment;

ii) Compliance with qualitative and quantitative criteria set out (including the 12 design criteria above);

ii) Proximity to points of access to the public transport network;

iv) The extent to which the proposal adheres to any masterplan or Local Area Plan for the area.

v) The extent to which the site may, due to its size, scale, and location, propose its own density and character, having regard to the need to protect the established character and amenities of existing adjoining residential areas;

vi) Existing topographical, landscape or other features on the site, and;

vii) The capacity of the infrastructure, including social and community facilities (such as child care), to absorb the demands created by the development.

The same criteria will be applied to development proposals involving an increase in density on

existing housing sites.

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