13.20.1 Private Open Space

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13.20.1 Private Open Space

An adequate amount of private open space should be provided within the curtilage of each dwelling. In general, the requirement will be 60 to 75 sq.m minimum for 3/4/5 bedroom houses in order to ensure that most household activities are accommodated and at the same time offers visual delight, receive some sunshine and encourage plant growth.  Private open space will be measured from behind the rear building line.

The boundaries of rear gardens should generally be provided with a permanent durable barrier with a minimum height of 1.8m.

Table 13.5 Private Open Space Requirements for houses

Type of Unit

Minimum Private Open Space


1/2 bedroom houses

48 sqm


3 bedroom houses

60 -75sqm


4 + bedroom houses

60 - 75 sqm



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