12.4 Modal Share Targets for County Kilkenny

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12.4 Modal share targets for County Kilkenny

The mode share targets set for County Kilkenny are focused on internal work and college trips.  In terms of sustainable modes, "A New Transport Policy for Ireland 2009-2020" set out key National modal share targets for achievement by 2020.  These targets were aimed at reducing work-related commuting by car as a modal share from 65% to 45% and accommodating car drivers on other modes of transport such as walking, cycling, public transport and car sharing. Although these targets have not been achieved, County Kilkenny would aim to achieve this modal shift by 2040. The figures will be adjusted in accordance with Government policy.  The development of multi-modal options has been based on these mode share targets.

Table 12.1 Modal Share targets for County Kilkenny

Mode Share



Public Transport







2040 Target


15% [1]



Modal Share Objectives:

12E         To deliver on sustainable mobility with an accompanying investment in infrastructure to provide for integration between all modes of transport to support the use of sustainable travel choices.

12F         Implement strategies to meet the mode share targets during the lifetime of the plan

12G        To achieve a modal shift from the private car to walking or cycling in accordance with the targets in Table 12.1 for County Kilkenny.


[1] The National Cycle Policy Framework has a target of 10% for Cycling

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