12.1 Introduction

Dúnta22 Nol, 2020, 09:00 - 12 Már, 2021, 17:00

​​​​​​12.1 Introduction

The integration of land use and transportation is a fundamental principle of the National Planning Framework and the Southern Regional Spatial and Economic Strategy.  The aim is to reduce the overall demand for transport by promoting a more efficient land use pattern where suitable land uses are located closer together.  In time this will reduce costs for everyone and improve the quality of life for residents and visitors by allowing a greater number of day to day activities to be completed with a reduced necessity for travel, or travel by alternative modes other than the car.

Notwithstanding this, the Council acknowledges that for a County with a very significant rural based population, some essential travel will continue to be made by cars and goods vehicles and the Plan also facilitates improvement in road infrastructure to cater for these movements.  While this section deals generally with the County as a whole there will be a more detailed analysis of transport for Kilkenny City in Vol 2 of the Plan which deals exclusively with Kilkenny City.

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