13.30 Zoning Objectives (See Figure 4.26 New Ross Environs)

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13.30 Zoning objectives (See Figure 4.26 New Ross Environs)

The purpose of zoning is to indicate to property owners and the general public the types of development which the Council considers most appropriate in each land use category.  It is the intention of the Planning Authority that the zoning of particular areas for a particular use shall not in itself exclude other uses in that area provided they are compatible with the dominant use.

Zoning is designed to reduce conflicting uses within areas, to protect resources and, in association with phasing, to ensure that land suitable for development is used to the best advantage of the community as a whole. 

In the following paragraphs:

  • Permissible use means a use, which is acceptable in the relevant zone.  However, it is still the subject of the normal planning process. 
  • Open for consideration means a use which may be permitted where the Council is satisfied that the individual proposal or development will be compatible with the policies and objectives for the zone, and will not conflict with the permitted uses and also conforms with the proper planning and development of the area. 

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