11.6.8 Combined Heat and Power

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11.6.8 Combined Heat and Power

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is a technology that uses the energy produced in the combustion of fuel to produce both useful heat energy and electricity.  CHP can refer to gas fired CHP or to biomass CHP.  Biomass CHP is a form of renewable energy.  In Ireland most CHP plants burn gas.  CHP Systems will comprise the following key components: -

- Fuel delivery and storage facilities (if fuelled by biomass)

- Boiler/turbine

- Connecting pipework

- Heat exchanger/heat recovery generator

CHP plants are available in a range of scales, from micro-CHP domestic applications, small scale CHP plants, medium size plants serving an office block to large industrial applications and CHP plants serving district heating schemes.  There are no medium or large-scale CHP plants in the county.