8.4 Greenways and Blueways

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​​​​​​8.4 Greenways and Blueways

There are two Greenways under development at present within the county, one of which is the Waterford to New Ross Greenway, known as the South East Greenway and incorporates the Kilkenny Greenway.  This Greenway is a joint venture between Kilkenny, Wexford and Waterford County Councils. While the three Councils are backing the project, it primarily passes through County Kilkenny, see Figure 8.3.

The second greenway under development is the Rosslare to Waterford Greenway.  The route is centred around the out-of-service Rosslare Strand to Waterford rail corridor north of Belview Port. It will form part of a proposed integrated network of greenways, blueways and EuroVelo routes in the region providing an array of recreational facilities, constructed to the highest quality standards, for enjoyment by local and visiting pedestrians and cyclists. It will link to the Kilkenny Greenway at Belview, avoiding the working port area.

The Council will investigate the potential of and opportunities for the funding of walking and cycling greenways and trails in the county, and for the development of linkages between existing trails and others in adjoining counties; and support national trail development in conjunction with other local authorities, agencies and organisations.  The Council will continue to support and facilitate the on-going development of walking and cycling routes and trails in the city and county in conjunction with agencies such as Trail Kilkenny (see http://www.trailkilkenny.ie) and will support the proposals as set out in the Trail Kilkenny Development & Business Plan.  Issues of accessibility such as car parking for walkers and cyclists to the trails must be included in any strategy.  Possibilities for improved signage and maps should be facilitated to ensure wider access to the county’s recreational assets.

In addition, the Council may seek to incorporate the provision of pedestrian and cycle ways as a condition of planning permission to link amenities, facilities and points of interest.  The Council will also encourage the provision of access routes to amenity areas in co-operation with landowners and protect amenity areas from infringement by inappropriate development, and will seek to extend those spaces and pathways that can usefully form green links, footways and cycle ways to connect residential areas with parks and open spaces and with each other.

The Council, in conjunction with Laois County Council, Trail Kilkenny and Abbeyleix Community Development, examined the feasibility of using the former Kilkenny to Portlaoise railway line as a trail, in 2012.  The feasibility study found that in some sections the track was incomplete, so the development of a continuous trail would pose significant land owner issues.  The Council will protect the Kilkenny – Portlaoise former railway line and spur to Castlecomer from encroachment.

The Council will also support other local authorities and state agencies in the delivery of sustainable strategic greenway, and blueway projects in the region under the Strategy for the Future Development of National and Regional Greenways, in particular the Rosslare to Waterford Greenway and the New Ross to St. Mullins connection.

Greenways and Blueways Objective:

8J            To complete the construction of the Kilkenny Greenway, connecting New Ross to Waterford.

8K           To promote and develop the Waterford to Rosslare Greenway in association with Waterford City and County Council and Wexford County Council