7.5 Extractive Industries

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7.5 Extractive Industries

The County had a large lead–zinc deposit at Galmoy, which was worked as Galmoy mines, but which is now closed.  There are numerous sand and gravel and stone resources within the County currently in operation.  The Council recognises the importance of extractive industries to the local and national economy as valuable sources of raw material for industry in general and the construction industry in particular and as an important source of employment.  However, the industry can have serious detrimental impacts on the landscape and amenities generally, including traffic generation, vibration, dust, noise, water pollution and visual intrusion.  Guidelines for Planning Authorities on Quarries and Ancillary Activities[1] were published in 2004


[1] Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government, Quarries and Ancillary Activities, Guidelines for Planning Authorities, 2004