13.17 Off Street Parking in Residential Areas

Closed22 Dec, 2020, 09:00 - 12 Mar, 2021, 17:00

​​​​​​13.17 Off Street Parking in Residential areas

The cumulative effect of removal of front garden walls and railings damages the character and appearance of suburban streets, contributes to an overall reduction in permeable surfaces vital to flood relief and the introduction of multiple vehicular accesses reduces the level of communal on-street parking.  Consequently, proposals for off street parking need to be balanced against the loss of amenity and communal spaces. The removal of front garden walls and railings will not generally be permitted where they have a negative impact on the character of streetscapes or reduce the level of communal parking to an unacceptable degree.

Where permitted, “drive-ins” should:

• Not have outward opening gates;

• Have a vehicular entrance not wider than 3m or 50 per cent of the width of the front boundary, whichever is the lesser;

• Have an area of hardstanding (parking space of 2.5m x 5m);

• Suitably landscape the balance of the space;

• Have gates, walls/fence and railings made good.