9.2 Natural Heritage and Biodiversity

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​​​​​9.2 Natural Heritage and Biodiversity

Natural heritage, also referred to as biodiversity, includes the variety of life around us.  It comprises all plants and animals (including humans), fungi, algae and micro-organisms, the habitat where they live and their genetic diversity.  It also includes the physical and geological foundation that forms landscapes. 

Biodiversity is important because all of life depends on biodiversity for survival.  Our biodiversity underpins important economic sectors such as agriculture, tourism and recreation and is a core component of the county’s green infrastructure.  Protection and wise use of the county’s natural resources is necessary to achieve sustainable development. The Council will support the implementation of the Biodiversity Climate Change Sectoral Adaptation Plan[1].

It is the aim of the Council to conserve, sustainably manage and enhance the County’s natural heritage and biodiversity and to promote understanding of and sustainable access to it.

A number of areas in County Kilkenny have been identified as being of exceptional importance for biodiversity at a national and/or international level (See Table 9.1 and Figure 9.1).  These areas are protected through national and European legislation.  In addition, certain plant, animal and bird species found in the county are considered rare or vulnerable and are protected by Irish law.


[1] Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, Biodiversity Climate Change Sectoral Adaptation Plan, 2019



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